The ungrounded claim of Andrew Wiles on Fermat’s Last Theorem

I Emmanuel Xagorarakis a Greek citizen and the author of “The Groundlessness of Infinity”

which is published and freely available by Saita Publications, firmly and with full responsibility refute the unfortunately accepted solution on Fermat’s Last Theorem by Sir Andrew Wiles. The FLT simply and absolutely cannot be solved for it is a wrong problem; a wrong statement like the Riemann Hypothesis or the Goldbach Conjecture is, as I prove in my as above referred published work, in chapter 12, pp. 62-63.

Therefore I hereby make a call to anyone who is skeptical to this “proof” by Sir Andrew Wiles and wishes to verify the very FLT as wrongly stated and in fact inexistent problem, to deal with my published work and afterwards offer assessment and personal / official decision on the basis of my work.

From Greece,

Emmanuel Xagorarakis

Author of scientific books