Release Notice

This issue of SORITES is made available under several formats, but its only official version is the binary WordPerfect 5.1 document released with filename:


which is the only file within the archive A PDF file (sorite12.pdf) is also produced and has been generated from the file sorite12.wp.

Web-browsable versions of the papers included in this issue of SORITES may be provided, too, but -- owing to inner HTML language limitations -- they do not faithfully reflect the official WordPerfect 5.1 version. Due to their technical content and to the profusion of special symbols, HTML renderings of certain papers may be either not made available at all (except as abstracts) or else truncated.

Although the official version -- as initially released today (31 May 2001) by the SORITES team -- is an entire seamless file, it may be chopped up into chunks in order to facilitate downloading, browsing, transferring or e-mailing. In such cases, the unity of this issue of SORITES as a whole must be preserved by keeping the ensuing collection intact.