The Southern Journal of Philosophy
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Nietzsche and Politics -- Vol. XXXVII, 1998
Kant's Metaphysics of Morals - Vol. XXXVI, 1997
Rethinking Sex and Gender - Vol. XXXV, 1996
Explanation in the Human Sciences - Vol. XXXIV, 1995
Vagueness - Vol. XXXIII, 1994
Derrida's Interpretation of Husserl - Vol. XXXII, 1993
Ancient Minds - Vol. XXXI, 1992
Kant's Third Critique - Vol. XXX, 1991
Moral Epistemology - Vol. XXIX, 1990
Heidegger and Praxis - Vol. XXVIII, 1989
Aristotle's Ethics - Vol. XXVII, 1988
Connectionism - Vol. XXVI, 1987
B-Deduction - Vol. XXV, 1986
Moral Realism - Vol. XXIV 1985
Recovering the Stoics - Vol. XXIII, 1984
Supervenience - Vol. XXIII, 1983
Rationalist Conception of Consciousness - Vol. XXI, 1982

Proceedings published in the Spring following the conference.
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Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Vol 3, Issue 1 is complete

You will find the new issue of the JALN on-line at The articles in this issue are: Instructional Policy for ALN Dale A. Harris and Andy DiPaolo Stanford University; Understanding the `Electronic' Student: Analysis of Functional Requirements for Distributed Education Linda Carswell, Pete Thomas, Marian Petre, Blaine Price, Mike Richards Centre for Informatics Education Research Computing Department, The Open University, UK; Beyond Models: Developing a University Strategy for Online Instruction Ian C. Reid Flexible Learning Centre University of South Australia; Implementing Computer Mediated Communication in an Undergraduate Course - A Practical Experience Mary Graham, Helen Scarborough, Christine Goodwin Deakin University; Gender Differences in Asynchronous Learning in Higher Education: Learning Styles, Participation Barriers and Communication Patterns Kimberly Dawn Blum Online Instructor University of Phoenix; Asynchronous Learning Networks for Knowledge Workforce Learning Richard H. Lytle Director, Oregon Master of Software Engineering Oregon College of Engineering & Computer Science Oregon University System.

Workshop Announcements

We want to remind you about the following workshops that are being offered by the ALN Center this summer:
a. The «Getting Started Creating Online Courses» workshop will be held online from May 31 - July 18, 1999.
b. The 3-D Visualization Methods for Online courses workshop will be held online from June 21 until August 15, 1999.
You may view a Powerpoint presentation at the above URL about the VRML workshop.