Release Notice

This issue of SORITES is made available in several formats, but its only official version is that released with filename:


which is the only file within the archives:, sori08wp.arj, sor#08wp.gz, etc. A print-file (, also released, and generated from the file sorite08.wp5 can be found in the archive and printed with a PostScript printer.

Two whole «doc» versions of this issue of SORITES are provided, but they cannot truly or faithfully reflect the official WordPerfect 5.1 version, departing as they do from the authorized WP 5.1 document -- in a more or less severe way, depending on the particular case. One of them, sorite08.html (or its equivalent, sorite08.htm), is an hypertext HTML version chiefly destined to be desplayed at the InterNet Web and viewed with http browsers. The other, sorite08.txt, is an empoverished version, with only ASCII symbols <Alt-32> through <Alt-126> being used, and a CR at the end of each line. Those two versions are archived, respectively, as and

Several of those files are made available in UUenCODed (.UUE) and BinHexed (.HQX) translations, in order for them to be attached to e-mail messages.

Although each version, whether official or not -- as initially released today (on Friday 13 June 1997) by the SORITES team -- is an entire seamless file, it may be splitted down into chunks in order to facilitate downloading, browsing, transferring or e-mailing. In such cases, the unity of this issue of SORITES as a whole must be preserved by keeping the ensuing collection intact.