(DEON '98)

Bologna, Italy, 8-10 January, 1998


The biannual DEON workshops are intended to promote research and cooperation in a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary area, linking the formal study of normative concepts and normative systems with computer science and artificial intelligence. This area now commands the attention of a variety of researchers: some are interested in formal analyses of normative concepts and normative systems per se, such as legal theorists, deontic logicians and formal semanticists, and some are interested in applications of such analyses in AI models of normative reasoning, or in formal models of norm-governed behaviour of computer systems (including their interaction with humans and other computer systems). So far three DEON workshops have been held: in Amsterdam, December 1991, Oslo, January 1994 and Sesimbra, January 1996. With the fourth edition (DEON '98) we hope to further the development of this exciting interdisciplinary field. We intend to have the proceedings from the workshop published by an international publisher.

The Program Committee invites papers concerned with:

(a) any theoretical aspects of the logical study of normative reasoning, including:

-- formal systems of deontic logic, logic of action, or other areas of logic, provided that their connections with deontic logic or normative reasoning are made clear;

-- Formal analysis of normative concepts and normative systems.


(b) any logical aspects of Artificial-Intelligence models of normative reasoning, such as;

-- formal representation of legal knowledge, contracts or other regulations;

-- formal analysis of defeasible normative reasoning


(c) any aspects of the application of logical systems to normative aspects of computer science and public or private administration, including:

-- formal specification of normative systems, comprising artificial and/or human components

-- formal specification of systems for management of bureaucratic processes

-- formal analysis of database integrity constraints or aspects of security

-- formal representation of agency, norm-governed interaction, power, authorization, delegation, and responsibility

-- deontic aspects of protocols for communication, negotiation and multi-agent decision making.

A special workshop session is planned in honor of the late Carlos Alchourron, with an invited talk by David Makinson. Therefore the program committee also invites the submission of papers on issues which Carlos Alchourron studied during his lifetime, such as:

-- Logical characterization of normative systems, including their dynamic aspects

- Logic of norms without truth

- The logic of defeasible conditionals

We would also welcome papers that critically discuss Carlos Alchourron's own work in these areas.


Authors are invited to submit five hard copies or one electronic PostScript version of original, unpublished papers, written in English, and not exceeding 7500 words, to the address specified below. Each copy must have an initial page containing: paper title; names, addresses, and if possible e-mail addresses and FAX numbers of all authors; an abstract of no more than 10 lines; and a list of content areas.

Authors wishing blind reviewing of their paper should make the initial page separate from the rest of the paper, and start the second page with the same title, abstract and list of content areas, but with no self-identifying references from that page forward.


Hard copies:

Paul McNamara

Department of Philosophy, University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH 03824, USA.

Postscript version: <>


Deadline for submission of papers: May 15, 1997;

Notification of acceptance: July 15, 1997;

Workshop: January 8-10, 1998.


Henry Prakken, c/o Faculty of Law, Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel. +31-20-44-46216 Email: .

Paul McNamara, Department of Philosophy, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA. Tel. 603-743-4288. Email:


Mark Brown (Syracuse University); Daniel Bonevac (University of Texas at Austin); Jose Carmo (Technical University Lisbon); Frank Dignum (Technical University Eindhoven); John Horty (University of Maryland); Andrew Jones (University of Oslo); Lars Lindahl (University of Lund); Tom Maibaum (Imperial College London); John-Jules Meyer (Utrecht University); Giovanni Sartor (Queen's University Belfast); Krister Segerberg (Uppsala University); Marek Sergot (Imperial College London); Lennart Aqvist (Uppsala University).


Giovanni Sartor (Queen's University, Belfast) (Chair); Alberto Artosi (University of Bologna); Guido Governatori (University of Bologna).


Donald Nute (University of Georgia); David Makinson (UNESCO, France); Georg Henrik von Wright (University of Helsinki).


For more information, contact one of the program chairs, or consult the workshop WWW page, at <>

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Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons «Taking a Moral Stance»

Tomis Kapitan «Intentions and Self-Referential Content»

Alfred R. Mele «Socratic Akratic Action»

Glen Newey «Reasons Beyond Reason? `Political Obligation' Reconsidered»

Tony Skillen «Passing Likeness»

Andrew Woodfield «Which Theoretical Concepts Do Children Use?»

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