Editorial Note

Two years ago, on December 16, 1994, the decision was taken to launch SORITES, a refereed all-English international electronic quarterly of analytical philosophy. Under whose auspices? A non-profit organization was formed, the «colectivo SORITES», incorporated under Spanish law and proprietor of the SORITES journal. The colectivo then appointed the editorial cabinet, comprising the Editor and the Associate Editors.

On December 20 1996 the SORITES team met in Madrid. After canvassing an array of available alternative policies aimed at improving and rationalizing our editorial activity, the Cabinet resigned, while the Editor's appointment was renewed. For efficiency sake ownership of the electronic journal SORITES was conveyed to him personally.

Having now designated a new Editorial Cabinet, the Editor hereby thanks the two outgoing members of the previous Cabinet -- namely Prof. Jesús Padilla-Gálvez and Prof. Manuel Liz. The Editor gratefully appreciates their excellent work and generous dedication to SORITES over the past two years, as well as the high academic standards they have helped to set.

The SORITES team has now become genuinely international. Besides Mr. Francisco J.D. Ausín (Centre for Logic and Juridical Analysis, Spain), who remains an Associate Editor, the new Editorial Cabinet comprises two new Associate Editors (Prof. Guillermo Hurtado [Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México] and Dr. Peter J. King [University of North London]), as well as an Editorial Assitant, namely: Prof. Raymundo Morado (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). The Editor warmly thanks them for their kind willingness to serve on the Cabinet.

As a matter of editorial policy, SORITES welcomes contributed papers by all analytical philosophers -- whether or not they are members of our board of Editorial Advisors. All papers will be refereed, of course. As a rule, though, members of the Editorial Cabinet will publish no papers in our journal except reviews or critical notices. By so doing we are hopefully serving the interests of good analytical philosophy the world over.

Madrid, 31-12-1996