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The Editorial Cabinet of SORITES is sad to report the untimely death of Prof. Miguel Sanchez-Mazas, Editor of THEORIA (Spain), who passed away on Saturday the 6th of May 1995, because of a heart failure. Miguel Sanchez-Mazas had been born in Peschiera, Italy, in 1925. His main fields of research were philosophy, the theory of law, mathematics and logic. His political activities lead to his being compelled to become an exile in Switzerland for more than two decades -- despite the fact that his father had been a minister under Franco's regime. As a Leibniz scholar, a worker in the field of deontic and juridical logic, an outstanding academic and a promoter of analytical philosophy in Spain, Miguel Sanchez-Mazas will be remembered with mourning, gratitude and affection by a great many people in many countries where his work came to be known and appreciated.

The Southern Journal of Philosophy

Spindel Conference Proceedings

Vagueness - Vol. XXXIII, 1994

Derrida's Interpretation of Husserl - Vol. XXXII, 1993

Ancient Minds - Vol. XXXI, 1992

Kant's Third Critique - Vol. XXX, 1991

Moral Epistemology - Vol. XXIX, 1990

Heidegger and Praxis - Vol. XXVIII, 1989

Aristotle's Ethics - Vol. XXVII, 1988

Connectionism - Vol. XXVI, 1987

B-Deduction - Vol. XXV, 1986

Moral Realism - Vol. XXIV, 1985

Recovering the Stoics - Vol. XXIII, 1984

Supervenience - Vol. XXIII, 1983

Rationalist Conception of Consciousness - Vol. XXI, 1982

Planned for 1995 is a conference on «Explanation in the Human Sciences».

Proceedings published in the Spring following the conference

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